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"No need for anyone else [to lecture]. You are great!" - Entertainment Manager

"We sincerely appreciated the professional presentations you provided for our guests and from their response, they enjoyed them as well. How wonderful it was for me as Cruise Director to hear so many positive comments from our guests".

"I'm blind but when I heard your talk it was so clear and descriptive, I could imagine everything." - from gentlemen with a white cane

"Thank you for the wonderful lecture this morning. The speaker this afternoon has a hard act to follow."

"Excellent very interesting presentation."-"We loved your jokes."

"I really enjoy your lectures. Your pictures are amazing"

"Thank you so much for your lectures and the included list. Hoping you will continue giving lectures. You are most interesting."

"It was a great pleasure to attend your on-ship lecture series…"

"I am a retired Professor and I must say I have never heard any lectures as well organized and presented as yours."

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